Delhi Heritage Top 10 Baolis
Paper Type: 130gsm Art paper (Matt) | Size: 178mm x 120mm
All colour; 89 photographs ,21 illustrations & 1 map
ISBN-10: 93-89136-11-1 | ISBN-13: 978-93-89136-11-1

 399 |  13 |  8

Delhi Heritage Top 10 series is a comprehensive guide to Delhi’s heritage icons and architectural gems. The first volume in the series delves into the fascinating history and the great significance of forgotten, subterranean, manmade water structures, commonly known as baolis or stepwells. The book walks us through the top ten baolis, with two special mentions. Besides giving a vivid description of the functioning and revival of the baolis, the book also focuses on the social importance of each structure. The work is an outcome of a five-year-long research from various archives, and contains historic as well as modern photographs along with architectural drawings.

Vikramjit  Singh Rooprai
Vikramjit Singh Rooprai

Vikramjit Singh Rooprai is a heritage activist and an educator. In 2009, he started exploring Delhi’s monuments to promote the rich heritage of India. He has established Heritage Labs in schools where he encourages students and mentors to develop a new way of looking at our past. On social media channels, he is better known by his handle @DelhiHeritage and for his website