A Sense of Magnolias

A Sense of Magnolias

A Sense of Magnolias

By Sohini Sen

Category: Fiction Books, Forthcoming Books, Olive Turtle Books
ISBN: 978-81-19626-41-0
MRP: 295

A narrow corridor smelling of damp plaster, cigarettes and stale food was the last place where he would dream of finding love. It was a job interview, after all. Yet, his lasting memories from that morning were of her complexion like the flowers on his magnolia tree, her hauntingly beautiful eyes filled with pain, her longing for the

And an email ID that did not reveal her name. So he wrote to her of what he knew best: his home in a small Himalayan village, his
childhood. His cat.

Running like a gentle rivulet through every email was his understanding of the deepest of all human emotions: love. A love infinitely patient. A love that flowed into the cracks of your heart till it was shining and whole again. But in a world suddenly brought to its knees by a scourge, would he ever find her?

Format: Paper Back Cover
Size: 127 mm x 197 mm
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