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About Us

Our Focus

Good books

Carrying forward the Niyogi Books’ legacy, we seek to create high-quality books for newer generations of readers. With our books, we want to provide a reading and thinking space for the growing minds where they can let their imagination soar and think beyond the usual. We work with new and established writers, translators and illustrators to make good literature from across cultures accessible to children.

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Our Focus

Our Culture

Niyogi Books is an independent publishing house, and we like our independence. We are driven by, and work on, the ideas that are important to us and we work with people we really enjoy working with, translating some of that fun into our books. We greatly value what every person, from our small team to the young readers that engage with us, brings to our world.

Our Focus

Being part of something bigger

We want our efforts to extend far beyond the pages of our books, helping to create a world that we all can be proud of.

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