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Niyogi Books welcomes you to the wonderful world of books

which are culturally and traditionally rich, varied in content with a world-class design and production. Established in 2004, Niyogi Books is an internationally reputed publishing house with over 700 titles – and the list continues to grow. We always strive to give equal emphasis on both the textual content and visuals within our illustrated books.

In 2018, Niyogi Books launched three imprints respectively: Olive Turtle (English Fiction), Thornbird (English Translation) and Paper Missile (English nonfiction).

With the introduction of the three imprints, Niyogi Books strives to enrich the categories of books ranging from social science, self-help books, works of fiction, as well as English translations of modern classics from different Indian Languages, thus exploring the many genres of the literary world.

In January 2019, Niyogi Books launched its Hindi imprint, Bahuvachan, dedicated to our Hindi titles, thereby celebrating the state language, Hindi, which is also one of the most spoken languages in the world. It also upholds the banner for the multilingual nation that India is.

With an aim to provide fun reading to children and young adults, Niyogi Books will be launching its youngest imprint Perky Parrot, in December 2023. Reading Corner, our colourful quarterly newsletter, introduces current and forthcoming books and authors, and covers book launches and events.

This is clearly reflected in the harmonious relationship we have with our authors, our readers and our partners in book selling and distribution. Niyogi Books’ commitment to serve everyone better has prompted us to open the first sales outlet at the heart of well-known book centre in Kolkata.

Our focus

Producing illustrated books

On art, architecture, history, culture, spirituality, memoirs and every other aspect connected with Indian culture and heritage. Our aim is to inform, educate and entertain a new generation of book lovers.

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Our mission

Fine publishing within reach

It is based on our commitment to excellence and our belief in inclusive growth. In spite of using the latest technological innovations in production and design, Niyogi Books lays great emphasis on human values and human capital.

We Achieved



This is the number of books we have published, so far, across genres and imprints.



While our illustrated books remain under the parent branding, these imprints help us diversify our lists better.


Languages we have
translated from

Languages we have translated from different languages and the list continues as we continue to expand.


Languages we have been
translated into

Languages we have been translated into Different languages, different regions, the list continues to grow…

Our Imprints

imprints olive turtle
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Olive Turtle

Olive Ridley Turtles travel thousands of miles to lay their eggs and continue their lineage. Similarly. A good work of fiction transcends time and space. Showcasing writing from any corner of the globe, books under this imprint are our endeavour to continue the legacy of creativity.

imprints thornbirds
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Thornbird’s legend narrates how this bird sings for one single time in its entire life, but that song is so enigmatic that it bewitches every little being and casts a magic spell resulting in sheer bliss. Niyogi Books’ translation genre brings to you the golden works of literature from different languages all across the globe and if possible, beyond that.

imprints paper missile
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Paper Missile

Launching Paper Missiles has always been a fun act. But creating the perfect one is not child’s play. With this imprint, we intend to engage the bibliophiles by diving deep into thought-provoking subjects and providing in-depth analysis and research on them.

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Perky Parrot

Our youngest imprint is for little and young readers. Perky Parrot (Children and YA Books) is a chirpy, cheerful and talkative bird, who is here to share knowledge and fun with young friends. Books under this imprint aim to inform, educate and entertain a new generation of book lovers.

imprints bahuvachan
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Niyogi Books launched its Hindi imprint, Bahuvachan, dedicated to translating diverse literature from the numerous Indian languages into the state language, Hindi, which is also one of the most spoken languages in the world. Through this imprint, we endeavor to uphold the banner for the multilingual nation that is India.

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