Spellcasters : A novel Book

Spellcasters : A novel

By Rajat Chaudhuri

Category: Fiction Books, Olive Turtle Books
ISBN: 978-93-91125-88-2
MRP: 495

Business reporter by day, dream catcher by night

Chanchal Mitra wakes up in a far-off desert town, sharing a dingy hotel room with the flamboyant Mr Kapoor, who is planning to abduct a billionaire. Kapoor insists the billionaire tycoon is an impostor. Chanchal is unwittingly drawn into the plot. Soon they are joined by the mystery woman Sujata, her eyes dark like murder, and then a crutch-clutching ex-sailor, who is quick with a gun.

In the smog-swathed capital city of Aukatabad, an organic chemist engaged by the tycoon to design a mind-altering drug, is found dead from an overdose. Then, the billionaire’s chocolate production facility is contaminated by salmonella while Sujata escapes a fiery death at the hands of hired killers. As weird weather overtakes the land and Kapoor sets out with his accomplices to kidnap the businessman, the flimsy lines between friend, foe and lover begin to quickly disappear.

In this twilight world of secret enemies and freak storms, Chanchal will soon have to confront ghosts from the past that he had long ignored. Will he and Sujata escape the sinister forces that are battling for the control of minds?

Format: Paperback
Size: 127 x 197 mm
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