The Rainbow Runners

The Rainbow Runners

The Rainbow Runners

By Dr Dhrubajyoti Borah

Category: Latest Releases Books, Political Fiction, Romance, Thornbird Books
ISBN: 978-93-91125-99-8
MRP: 695

Sriman is a young man living in insurgency-hit Assam whose life turns upside down when he happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The raw terror which fills Sriman after witnessing the incident leaves him paranoid. Existing as a terrified zombie, unable to share his secret with anyone, Sriman drifts through the murky world of journalism into the world of the dadas—the erstwhile underground leaders who surrendered to the state and then started working for it. And it is at such a time that he again faces a terrifying encounter that unhinges him.

In the Himalayas, Sriman learns to look at the world and himself in a new way, discovers the teachings of Tathagata Buddha and gains an insight into the tragedy of the Tibetan refugees and their improbable dream of restoration of their homeland someday. And it is here that he also discovers love in all its splendour and sorrow, with its promise of redemption of his sheltered and fragmented life.

Amidst the decay that has set in the society and the ruins of his personal life, Sriman’s search for new meaning and hope in this life becomes a universal quest that tugs at one’s heartstrings.


The Rainbow Runners AIS (Advanced Information Sheet)

Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Size: 197mm x 127mm
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