Daniells' India

978 93 81523 63 6 2022111605051

Daniells' India : Views From the Eighteenth Century

By Trisha Niyogi

Category: Art
ISBN: 978-93-81523-63-6
MRP: 6000
Introduced by: B.N. Goswamy

Thomas Daniell was thirty-six years old when he and his nephew William, barely sixteen, sailed out from Gravesend in April 1785, headed for the East. They arrived in Calcutta via China the next year. They travelled across India, painting Oriental Scenery wherever they went. Their views were widely appreciated and are representative of that fascinating period. in this volume. The Daniells returned to England in September 1794. This special book presents a selection of their work in India, bringing alive the scenery and architecture of that age.  

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 432 x 305mm
Foreward (If any): B.N Goswamy
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