Delhi Heritage

Delhi Heritage : Top 10 Baolis Book

Delhi Heritage : Top 10 Baolis

By Vikramjit Rooprai

MRP: 399

Delhi Heritage Top 10 series is a comprehensive guide to Delhi’s heritage icons and architectural gems. The first volume in the series delves into the fascinating history and the great significance of forgotten, subterranean, man-made water structures, commonly known as baolis or stepwells. The book walks us through the top ten baolis, with two special mentions. Besides giving a vivid description of the functioning and revival of the baolis, the book also focuses on the social importance of each structure. The work is an outcome of a five-year-long research from various archives, and contains historic as well as modern photographs along with architectural drawings.



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Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Size: 178 mm x 120 mm
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