Eye to I

Eye to I

Eye to I : with my First Tiger

By Niyogi Books

Category: Perky Parrot Books
ISBN: 978-81-19626-12-0
MRP: 295
Illustrated by: Aanchal Lodhi

Nandu and Salu, wildlife enthusiasts, are in a forest in South India, helping in a research project. Between setting camera traps and walking line transects, they hope to see the magnificent tiger in its natural habitat.

But, so far, all they’ve seen is lots of animal poop!

Yes, they’ve seen elephants and deer and birds and squirrels, but that’s not the adrenaline rush they want.


Then, as they are about to head back to camp one evening, they come face to face with a regal, fully-grown tigress.

What happens when Nandu and Salu come eye to eye

with their first tiger?

Format: Paperback
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