Where Gods Reside

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Where Gods Reside : Sacred Places of Kolkata

By mala-mukerjee, jael-silliman

Category: Religion
MRP: 650

Portuguese, Armenians, English, Scots, Jews, Parsis, Greeks, Japanese and Chinese had come to Kolkata from the eighteenth century to reap their fortunes. A constellation of impressive religious edifices that is linked to the City’s mercantile history was the result. Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jain and Buddhist communities from across the subcontinent also built places of worship in the same city.

In this book, Kolkata’s unique spiritual heritage is presented through splendid photographs of its diverse places of worship that are symbols of Kolkata’s composite culture. The narrative, that accompanies each place of worship featured, provides readers with insights into the City’s history as well as introduces the customs and traditions of the array of communities who made the city their home. The multi-religious ethos of the city is especially important today when diversity is increasingly being threatened by forces of homogeneity and globalization.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 216 mm x 178 mm
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