Invisible City

Invisible City : The Hidden Monuments of Delhi Book

Invisible City : The Hidden Monuments of Delhi

By Rakhshanda Jalil

Category: Heritage Books
ISBN: 978-81-89738-77-8
MRP: 1495

There is no denying that Delhi is unique. What sets it apart is the multitude of historic ruins that are a part of the city’s landscape. Neophyte New Delhi has been quick to discard most of them on the rubbish heap of history, choosing to validate a bare minimum with a name, an identity and a place of visibility. Where it was possible to make the law look the other way, many of these monuments were razed to the ground to make way for development. Regarded as no more than inconvenient piles of rock, many have been pulled down, built upon, built around. Invisible City: The Hidden Monuments of Delhi explores this other Delhi—the little-known, seldom-visited, largely unheard of Delhi, the Delhi that has been rendered almost invisible.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 229 x 229mm
Foreward (If any): Khushwant Singh
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