Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi : God's Own Voice Book

Mohammed Rafi : God's Own Voice

By Dhirendra Jain, raju-korti

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ISBN: 978-93-85285-16-5
MRP: 795

Before Mohammed Rafi there can only be a Zero and after him there can be only Two. That should succinctly describe the legendary singer of four decades whose rise to stardom was phenomenal. Indeed, Rafi was bigger than many of the stars who lip-synched to his golden voice. For a man who came from a very humble and conservative background, it was his hard work, naturally blessed talent and godly nature that made him stride like Colossus in an industry known for its crassly commercial values. Before the writers embarked upon this historic sojourn of encapsulating this simple man’s life history and career—stuff folklores are made of—they were well aware of the magnitude of the task. Thirty-five years after his death, Rafi’s popularity keeps multiplying and each day one gets to hear and rediscover some new anecdote about his prowess as a singer and nobility as a human being. Years of painstaking research and experience went into the compilation of this book apart from the 7000 plus songs he sang and hundreds of shows he performed at home and abroad. The authors have tried to put most of them together and piece together a spell-binding account of a professional pilgrimage that cannot be said to be complete by any stretch of imagination given the events—and the new ones that keep unfolding—that go into the making of this extraordinary folk-story like narrative. The biographers feel humbled and rewarding to chronicle a personality rightly acknowledged as among the “Best 50 Indians” ever born. More so, this being the first attempt that delves into the stupendous life and times of a titan in such comprehensive depth.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 228 x 150 mm
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