A Day in the Life of Mangal Taram

A Day in the Life of Mangal Taram Book

A Day in the Life of Mangal Taram

By Anita Agnihotri

MRP: 395

Mangal Taram, a Gond tribal boy, is a beat forest guard in the dense and mysterious forest of Central India, spread at the foothills of the Maikal mountain range. While he observes, watches, and keeps record of the wild life, flora, and fauna of the all-encompassing forest, his mind is trapped in inexplicable fear and anxiety.
At Batasia loop in Darjeeling, a young hill girl Hema, lost in the childhood memories of a middle-aged man resurfaces and transforms his life irreversibly.
A possessive lover and a ruthless husband treasures his first love, in the brick and mortar cage of his ancestral house.
Anita Agnihotri’s stories traverse a wide range of human emotions, discovers the myriad complexities of relationships, and also takes the reader through a journey into the dynamics of an Indian reality, where the unheard voices still wait to be deciphered by a sensitive writer. A Day in the Life of Mangal Taram is a careful selection of 14 stories out of over 200 short stories written by Anita Agnihotri spanning over three decades.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 216 mm x 140 mm
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