Raimundo Panikkar

Raimundo Panikkar : A Pilgrim Across Worlds Book

Raimundo Panikkar : A Pilgrim Across Worlds

By Kapila Vatsyayan, come-carpentier-de-gourdon

Category: Spirituality Books
ISBN: 978-93-85285-39-4
MRP: 495
Edited by: Kapila Vatsyayan

Raimundo Panikkar was born of an Indian Hindu father and a Catalan Catholic mother. From his early childhood he was able to adopt, cultivate, and speak of different traditions. He got doctorates in Philosophy, Science, and Theology. He had lived in India, Europe, and the USA for several years teaching and researching. About 25 books and numerous articles were published by him. He also translated an anthology of a thousand pages of texts from the Vedas. Panikkar received numerous prizes and awards. An unconventional thinker, he infringed on many dogmas and prejudices. His intellectual development between the East and the West allowed him to reflect on a continuing philosophical dialogue among different traditions and ideologies. His thought suggests a vision of harmony and concord, to discover the ‘human invariant’ without destroying cultural diversity, for the realisation of the individual in a continuing process of creation and recreation.



Format: Flexiback
Size: 228 x 152 mm
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