Zohra Segal 'Fatty'

Zohra Segal 'Fatty' Book

Zohra Segal 'Fatty'

By Kiran Segal

Category: Biography Books, Memoir Books
ISBN: 978-93-81523-35-3
MRP: 1250

Zohra Segal: ‘Fatty’ is the story of the talented actress, in the words of her daughter, Kiran. It takes the reader through the life of Zohra, her early days, her tours, her marriage, life in London and return to Delhi, where she now lives. Her performances, both on stage and screen, have been absolutely memorable.

This book is a loving tribute to Zohra. Accompanied by photographs and an occasional sketch made by the young Zohra, this is much more than a collector’s item. For, Zohra Segal is the rare combination of talent, hard work and zest. Hers was a full life, a life that truly needs to be celebrated.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 267 x 216mm
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