Mapping India

Mapping India Book

Mapping India

By Manosi Lahiri

Category: Cartography Books
ISBN: 978-81-89738-98-3
MRP: 4500

Mapping India presents an overview of important maps that eloquently reflect the changing social and political fortunes of India. These maps speak of the commercial interests and wars that led to the colonisation of India, and show territories the size of countries that were conquered, ceded or controlled through treaties. They also record changed courses of rivers, routes taken by armies, people living in communities in new cities, places where famines occurred, how the highest peak was discovered and named, when native royalty gathered to pay respect to the British Emperor, and the destination to which Mahatma Gandhi marched with his supporters for the salt satyagraha.

From the earliest chronicles of India to its post Independence strides, Mapping India is the story of India recounted through its maps. 

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 292 x 292mm
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