Unfolding : Contemporary Indian Textiles Book

Unfolding : Contemporary Indian Textiles

By Maggie Baxter

Category: Textile Books
ISBN: 978-93-83098-83-5
MRP: 3000

Unfolding is a timely and vital examination of how the rich and diverse textile craft traditions of India have been adopted/adapted in the 21st century. The author looks at ‘new interpretations made within the current cultural landscape by designers who dare to take steps into the unknown’. Traditional techniques and motifs are reworked in atypical, up-to-date ways, creating a fresh new visual language that is still identifiably Indian.

Separate chapters examine the work of 23 designers and artists in terms of craft revival, surface treatment, texture, minimalism, and narrative. Raw Mango, for example, glories in the drenched colour of the cones of pure colour pigments found in Indian markets creating saris of extreme colour that are both minimalist and overpoweringly intense, while bai lou reposition the delicate motifs of Bengali jamdani, scaling them up into bold, oversized, geometric shapes.

This book also looks at the small but growing number of Indian artists for whom fibre and fabric are an integral part of their studio and gallery practice.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 305 x 225mm
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