The Chronicler

The Chronicler Book

The Chronicler

By Jvalant Sampat

MRP: 295

Set in the immediate future, as Pakistan’s economy collapses, China invades Pakistan, determined to change the power equation in the world. And a strange series of events is set in motion…

Somewhere along the western coast of India, a Pakistani yacht approaches, with the most unexpected passenger on board, with the most unusual request. Subsequently, the economic, political, and software capitals of India are targeted in a coordinated terrorist attack.

Caught in the vortex of this high-stakes game between governments, spy agencies, and powerful organizations across international borders, is one man. His designation is ‘the Chronicler’; he stores memories. When he is kidnapped, the memories that could transform the world map and history run the risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Will the Chronicler be able to save himself and the information as he races against time?

Cooked with suspense, action, and drama, and the added flavour of sci-fi, The Chronicler by Jvalant Sampat is the unputdownable thriller you were waiting for!


Format: Paperback
Size: 216mm x 140mm; 156pp
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