Abok, Who Took my Tooth?

Abok, Who Took my Tooth?

Abok, Who Took my Tooth?

By Linthoi Chanu

Category: Perky Parrot Books
ISBN: 978-81-19626-35-9
MRP: 395
Illustrated by: Rishita Loitongbam

Piktru is a young girl who goes to visit her
aunt and cousins in the big city of Imphal
with her parents and grandmother (Abok).

While eating, Piktru’s cousin Meemi loses a tooth. Abok
tells them the story of Pithrai Khongdaibi, an ancient
divine bird who gives nice new teeth to children in
exchange for their old ones.

Do they succeed in giving Meemi’s tooth to
Pithrai Khongdaibi? Does she get a nice
new tooth in return? Find out what happens
in this heartwarming story about growing
up and discovering the wonders of folklore
with your loved ones.

Format: Paper Back Cover
Size: 228.5 mm x 228.5 mm
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