Brahmaputra and the Assam Valley

Brahmaputra and the Assam Valley Book

Brahmaputra and the Assam Valley

By Ranjita Biswas

Category: Travel Books
ISBN: 978-93-83098-05-7
MRP: 1495

The Brahmaputra, call it by any name you will, Luit, Lohit, Sriluit, is at the heart of the Assam valley. For its people, the Brahmaputra is more than a geographical entity. Their very lives revolve around it and its many tributaries and streams. Brahmaputra and the Assam Valley is an illustrated journey in the company of the Brahmaputra as it intertwines itself with the life of Assam. As it enters the land through the eastern Himalayan foothills and flows into the sea in the west, it tells many stories: of kings and queens, of heroism and poetry, and of festivals and dance, elements that coalesce to form a colourful identity. The river is looked up to with love and respect in this land. After all, it is the ‘Burha Luit’ or old river Luit for the people of Assam.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 229 x 229mm
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