Yoga Shakti

Yoga Shakti : Awaken Your Own Power Book

Yoga Shakti : Awaken Your Own Power

By Shailaja Menon

MRP: 495

Most people nowadays think of yoga as a class where you learn to twist your body into different asanas. However, the ancient philosophy of yoga is so much more than a mere physical activity, and needs to be better understood in order to fully benefit from it. In Yoga Shakti: Awaken Your Own Power Shailaja Menon not only explores the physical benefits of practising yoga, but the spiritual and mental fulfilment one gains from this practice as well. 

Using personal experience as a driving force, Shailaja explains the origins of Manasa yoga in a way even laymen can understand, and recommends daily exercises to help introduce beginners into the world of yoga. The author discusses how negative feelings like anger, depression, and anxiety lead us to lose the power we have in our own lives, and explores how yoga can help us regain this power and achieve self-realization. This book is the genuine expression of an author who has greatly benefited from practising yoga, and wants to share this knowledge with those who seek to do the same.  

Format: Flexiback
Size: 228 mm x 152 mm
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