Nathdwara Paintings from the Anil Relia Collection

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Nathdwara Paintings from the Anil Relia Collection : The Portal to Shrinathji

By kalyan-krishna, kay-talwar

Category: Art
MRP: 3500

Nathdwara, located in the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan, is home to Shrinathji, a fifteenth-century manifestation of the child-god Krishna holding up Mount Govardhan. Since the establishment of the haveli (temple mansion) in 1671, artists have flocked to the sacred town to adorn the walls where Shrinathji dwells with painted cloth hangings as well as to provide painted icons for the pilgrimage trade. At one time there were hundreds of artists in the service of Shrinathji. This catalogue explores Anil Relia’s comprehensive collection of Nathdwara paintings and sketches, celebrating the wide-ranging talents of various artists. The painters are creators of icons and storytellers of Krishna’s exploits. Krishna lives in their everyday lives permeating their thoughts and guiding their brushes. At the same time, they record important events in temple history and portraits of the people who participated in these affairs. The paintings that document festivals adhere to a traditional hieratic style, but the artist displays a freer hand in telling the exploits of Krishna. A prominent artist showcased in this collection is Ghasiram Hardev Sharma, a master draughtsman with a penchant for naturalism. He influenced a whole generation of twentieth-century artists and is still held in high esteem.

Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Size: 293 mm x 230 mm
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