Aliens in Delhi

Aliens in Delhi Book

Aliens in Delhi

By Sami Khan

Category: Adventure Books, Fiction Books, Olive Turtle Books, Science Fiction Books
ISBN: 978-93-85285-71-4
MRP: 350

In the near future, the ISI and RAW discover that securing the borders of Pakistan and India is the least of their problems. An extraterrestrial race of reptiloids prepares to invade Earth — by turning our smartphones into gene-tampering weapons. Humanity might soon be extinct. As people in Delhi start turning into alien hybrids, India gears up to face a foe unlike any other. From unveiling the actual reason behind the Chandrayaan mission to the truth about Osama bin Laden, this explosive geopolitical science-fiction thriller depicts how contemporary India responds to an alien invasion.

Reviews of Aliens in Delhi:

The narrative has different parallel plots that are intriguing and engaging. And all these plots are somehow interconnected, which make for a strong narrative — HINDUSTAN TIMES 

The author has extensively used tropes to raise geopolitical issues. It will not be difficult for a discerning reader to understand what Khan is actually hinting at. The narrative is pacy and full of twists and turns THE TELEGRAPH 

The words fly off the page and yet shock you into reading them again slowly to appreciate the auanced way in which the author has carefully yet callously, craftily yet casually ‘launched’ certain words in a sentence – words that leap into immediate meanings with a certain depth layered with a nonchalance’ that is so original that it blows your mind —THE PIONEER 

Format: Paper Back
Size: 216 x 140mm
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