Islam. Pluralism. Nationhood

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Islam. Pluralism. Nationhood : Legacy of Maulana Azad

By mushirul-hasanA

Category: Essay
ISBN: 978-93-83098-19-4
MRP: 695

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, commonly remembered as Maulana Azad, rose to prominence through his work as a journalist, publishing works critical of the British Raj in the early 1920s. A powerful writer and an equally stimulating orator, his sway over the Muslim communities was considered a threat by the government which looked for every opportunity to clip his wings and restrain his activities. But Azad took these tribulations gracefully and came to play a very decisive role as a senior leader of the Independence movement. Like his pen-name Azad, which meant free, here was a man who relentlessly strove to remove the shackles of incapacious thinking, challenging its rigidity, wisely integrating the munificence of Islam and pluralism into the folds of nationhood.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 260 x 178mm
Foreward (If any): Mushirul Hasan
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