Moisture Trapped in a Stone

978 9386906083 2022112023439

Moisture Trapped in a Stone : An Anthology of Modern Telugu Short Stories

By k-n-rao

Category: Fiction, Thornbird, Translation
ISBN: 978-9386906083
MRP: 595
Translated by: K.N. Rao

An Anthology of Modern Telugu Short Stories is a collection of twenty-eight short stories by writers of Telugu fiction who have carved a niche for themselves in the annals of Indian literature. These are stories about everyday lives and ordinary people, highlighting the issues confronting the society covering a wide spectrum of topics. A total of seventeen writers are featured in the volume, nine of them being women writers. The writers include stalwarts of yesteryears as also the current set of writers who are making waves in the realm of Telugu literature. Feudalistic prejudices to present day problems and realities find a place in the stories. The stories range from the serious to the satirical; from light hearted humour to grave discursive. Critical issues dealt in a simple but effective style and the significance of seemingly trivial issues is highlighted with style and poise. All in all, a representative collection that addresses issues of national relevance even if situated within the perimeters of Telugu culture and lifestyle. A book of equal appeal to the casual reader as well as the discerning one.

Format: Hard Cover
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