Where is my Song?

Where is my Song?

Where is my Song?

By Mavisel Yener, Berk Ozturk

Category: Perky Parrot Books
ISBN: 978-81-19626-83-0
MRP: 350
Translated by: Yasemin Yener
Illustrated by: Berk Öztürk

A note named A lived on Composition Street.
It felt that it had to have a song and its only wish was to find it.
But where could it find a song of its own?
A took a bold step and set out to find its song…

A unique tale by award-winning author Mavisel Yener
and illustrations by Berk Öztürk, came together in this
charming, musical story.

Set out on a melodic journey that highlights the importance of
getting to know yourself!

Format: Paperback
Size: 250mm x 250mm
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