Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan : Actor Activist Achiever Book

Aamir Khan : Actor Activist Achiever

By Pradeep Chandra

Category: Biography Books
ISBN: 978-93-83098-29-3
MRP: 1500

Aamir—Actor, Activist, Achiever. An acclaimed actor who became the thinking man’s superstar. An ardent activist who highlighted complex social issues and spread awareness. An accomplished achiever who reinvented the entire concept of a movie star. Aamir Khan— actor, producer, director—has so many colours in his life that it is almost impossible to compile them in a single book. The author and photographer, Pradeep Chandra, attempts the insurmountable task of tracing the trajectory of Aamir’s career that has seen him evolve and become one of the greatest contributors to the art of cinema in India and a hugely influential public figure. This book is the author’s tribute to the superstar and the man behind it.



Format: Hard Cover
Size: 267 x 216mm
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