A Gift of Grace

978 93 89136 16 6 20221117235452

A Gift of Grace : The Essence of Guru Nanak’s Spirituality

By daler-aashna-deol

MRP: 595

A Gift of Grace simplifies Guru Nanak’s core spiritual message for the modern reader. Part I of the book enunciates the spiritual foundation of the guru’s worldview and his cardinal religious beliefs about the nature of God. Topics include bridging different stages of the spiritual journey, leading a virtuous life, living in harmony with the natural world, and developing compassion and helping others. Japji Sahib, which is the seminal text and the axis of Guru Nanak’s ecclesiastical legacy, is included in its entirety in Part II of the book. All meditations are presented in transliterated text, English translation, along with a brief commentary. Besides Japji Sahib, this book includes in Part III a representative selection of Guru Nanak’s hymns.

Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Size: 228 mm X 152 mm
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