Living in Dreamtime

Living in Dreamtime Book

Living in Dreamtime

By usha

Category: Perky Parrot Books
ISBN: 978-93-91125-83-7
MRP: 299
Illustrated by: Salil Sojwal

Living in Dreamtime is a love story between Parina, a dolphin and Borick, a walrus. The story begins when Parina’s master dies and she is abandoned in the ocean. There she meets the walrus, Borick and the seal, Arij. A bond forms and they start spending time together.

Parina tells them about life on land and about love, god, religion, and they discuss telepathy and teleportation too. Schools of fish also gather to listen to her sermons in the sea. Borick the walrus is inspired and wishes to know more. He goes on a quest of knowledge and climbs a mountain. There he meditates and finds enlightenment. Parina in the meantime pines for life on land and yearns to become human. 

An unusual love story between a dolphin and a walrus, this is a heart-warming tale of faith and hope.

Format: Paperback
Size: 210mm x 148mm
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