Calcutta 1940-1970

Calcutta 1940-1970 : In the Photographs of Jayant Patel Book

Calcutta 1940-1970 : In the Photographs of Jayant Patel

By Soumitra Das, lila-patel

Category: Photography Books
ISBN: 978-93-86906-02-1
MRP: 1495

Calcutta 1940–1970: In the photographs of Jayant Patel is an outstanding collection of black-and-white photographs, depicting a wide swathe of the city and its various neighbourhoods. These photographs go back to the glory days of Bombay Photo Stores when it was a prominent landmark of Park Street. As the official photographer of Government House, today’s Raj Bhavan, Patel documented history in the making. This collection presents glimpses of political life before and after the Partition of a Calcutta that was once the Second City of the Empire.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 300 x 225mm
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