The Shoemaker's Stitch

The Shoemaker's Stitch : Mochi embroideries of Gujarat in the TAPI Collection Book

The Shoemaker's Stitch : Mochi embroideries of Gujarat in the TAPI Collection

By Rosemary Crill, shilpa-shah

Category: Art books
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The exquisite
chain-stitch embroideries of Gujarat’s Mochi community are found in museum and
private collections the world over, but the origins of the Mochis and their
craftsmanship are rarely explored. This book is the first to delve deeply into
the history of chain-stitch embroidery in India and its connections to the
Mochi or shoe-maker community. 

This work
focusses on chain-stitch embroideries from the 18th to 20th centuries in the
renowned TAPI collection of textiles, with many pieces having direct links both
to Gujarati royal families and the lineage of Mochi craftsmen and women. The
previously unknown but significant role of the women of the Mochi community in
creating embroidery pieces is also explored. 

The catalogue of
images displays a wide range of exquisitely embroidered pieces ranging from
Jain manuscript covers to portraits, items of clothing, fans, and furnishings,
such as floor spreads, wall hangings and tent panels. The accompanying essays
provide the background history of the Mochis and their work and also shed fresh
light on chain-stitch embroideries in museums and private collections
previously thought to be from the Mughal period. The book also gives an account
of the contemporary scene, in which chain-stitch embroidery has found new
directions and audiences worldwide.

Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Size: 320 mm x 254 mm
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