In a Foreign Land, by Chance

978 81 933935 1 2 202211180244

In a Foreign Land, by Chance :

By nabaneeta-dev-sen

Category: Fiction, Thornbird, Translation
ISBN: 978-81-933935-1-2
MRP: 295
Translated by: Soma Das

Bipasha Choudhury, writer and poet in the English language, living in London for some years, is in Czechoslovakia, as part of a writer’s group—a visit that is set to change her in more ways than one. This is a time when Czechoslovakia is still a socialist state under Soviet dominion, poised for a major upheaval. In this milieu, a life-churning experience awaits Bipasha. Looking for answers outside, Bipasha is about to discover a valuable part of herself to pave a new destiny—in a foreign land, by chance.    

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 216 x 140mm
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