A Random Walk in Santiniketan Ashram

Random Walk in Santiniketan Ashram A WEB scaled

A Random Walk in Santiniketan Ashram :

By sushanta-dattaguptaa

Category: Architecture, Essay
ISBN: 978-93-85285-40-0
MRP: 450

A Random Walk in Sanitiniketan Ashram is a spontaneous foray through one of India’s premier universities—Rabindranath Tagore’s Visva-Bharati. It is a collection of essays, penned from 2012–2014, during the first few years of the author’s tenure as its Vice Chancellor. It showcases the exclusive merits of this university, which is based on Rabindranath Tagore’s idea of what an ideal, holistic education should constitute. But Visva-Bharati, today, lies shackled by the rules that govern all other institutes of higher education. Has Visva-Bharati ceased to be the Ashram it was envisaged to be? The book raises and explores this important and urgent question.

Format: Paper Back
Size: 232 x 152 mm
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