Beads of Arunachal Pradesh

Beads of Arunachal Pradesh : Emerging Cultural Context Book

Beads of Arunachal Pradesh : Emerging Cultural Context

By Samita Chaudhuri, sarit-k-chaudhuri

Category: Heritage Books
ISBN: 978-93-85285-31-8
MRP: 995

Beads of Arunachal Pradesh: Emerging Cultural Context describes the cultural importance of different beads among the people of North-East India in general and Arunachal Pradesh in particular. The tradition of beads has been embedded in the lives of the people of North East from time immemorial. The continuing popularity of beads have led to the manufacturing of spurious products. Despite the onslaught of globalisation even in rural areas, the popularity of beads has not diminished among the people. Beads are used as a bartering item and usually take the place of money even now. The book describes the economic, cultural and ritual significance of beads; their historical relation to migration and popular beliefs; classification mechanism; legends and history around them; and ethnic specifications. The oral history, gender questions, social dynamics, and even inter-, as well as intra-tribal relationships, have been described in detail in the book. With a number of beautiful images the book makes for an interesting read and acts as a guide for those who are interested not only in beads but also in the history and culture of the North East.


Format: Hard Cover
Size: 258 x 178 mm
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