Illuminations from the Ramayana

Illuminations from the Ramayana

Illuminations from the Ramayana

By Niyogi Books

Category: Art books, Forthcoming Books
ISBN: 978-81-19626-92-2
MRP: 4500

Explore the profound legacy of the Rāmāyana

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary collection of over three hundred captivating watercolour and ink artworks that offer a window into the divine pastimes of Lord Rāma as narrated by the sage Vālmīki. Anna Johansson’s intricate detail, delicate hues, and poetic charm beautifully convey the essence of this timeless epic.

Accompanying the artwork is Vrinda Sheth’s brief yet vivid retelling of the Rāmāyana, which invites deep meditation. For countless generations, the Rāmāyana has captivated the imagination of many. Discover new dimensions of this rich tradition in Illuminations from the Rāmāyana

Format: Paper Back Cover
Size: 206 mm x 296 mm
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