Calcutta in the Nineteenth Century

Calcutta in the Nineteenth Century Book

Calcutta in the Nineteenth Century : An Archival Exploration

By Bidisha Chakraborty, sarmistha-de

Category: Archives Books, History Books, Paper Missile Books
ISBN: 978-93-81523-81-0
MRP: 595

The English East India Company started out as a trading company but soon found itself saddled with administrative responsibilities. The British built Calcutta around Fort William, not just for the burgeoning European population but also as the nerve centre of their growing Indian empire. As word spread about how the British wanted to make Calcutta the ‘London of the East’, people from all over Bengal, India and the rest of the world flocked to Calcutta throughout the nineteenth century. This book delves into several archival sources and unearths not just the grandeur of such an ambitious undertaking but also the meticulous planning that went with it. Through rare photographs, plans and blueprints we get a glimpse of Calcutta as the British wanted the city to be.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 228 x 152mm
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