Monsoon Feelings

Monsoon Feelings : A History of Emotions in the Rain Book

Monsoon Feelings : A History of Emotions in the Rain

By Rajamani Imke, katherine-butler-schofield, margrit-pernau

Category: Art books
MRP: 1750

The monsoon is the season of pouring rain and intense emotions: love and longing, hope and fear, pleasure and pain, devotion and joyous excess. Through a series of evocative essays exploring rain-drenched worlds of poetry, songs, paintings, architecture, films, gardens, festivals, music and medicine, this lavishly illustrated collection examines the history of monsoon feelings in South Asia from the twelfth century to the present. Each essay is written by a specialist in the field of South Asian arts and culture and investigates emotions as reflections and agents of social, cultural and political change across borders of language and religion and between different arts and cultural practices. This history of emotions in the rain is as rich, surprising, beautiful and devastating as the thundering monsoon clouds and will delight general and scholarly audiences alike.

Format: Hardcover
Size: 19 x 22.9 cm
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