Scenography : An Indian Perspective Book

Scenography : An Indian Perspective

By Satyabrata Rout

Category: Award Winners Books, Theatre Books
MRP: 3000

Scenography is the art of ‘writing the stage space’—a visual journey of unmaking and remaking the text on a theatre space, a language of the spectatorial senses. However, this dialect of space and props, though prevalent in the West from the early days of the Greek plays, unfortunately has never been groomed and appropriated in the long theatre tradition of the Orient—until a bunch of new practitioners and scholars decided to explore the field of design and change the narrative of space in recent times. Yet with hardly any documentation available in the backdrop of indigenous theatre, there was a need of a practical treatise for quite a long time. 

Scenography: An Indian Perspective unearths this astonishing yet silent contribution of ‘stage’ design in Indian theatres throughout the ages and the comparatively recent appropriation of it.

Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Size: 228 x 178mm; 576pp
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