Help! My Mother Left Her Mind Behind!

Help! My Mother Left Her Mind Behind! Book

Help! My Mother Left Her Mind Behind!

By Ozge Bahar Sunar

Category: Perky Parrot Books
ISBN: 978-93-91125-25-7
MRP: 350
Illustrated by: Mert Tugen

Help! My Mother Left Her Mind Behind tells the tale of a little boy called Memo, who is feeling unwell one day. His mother has an important meeting at her office and can’t miss it, but she feels awful about leaving Memo at home. His father stays home to take care of Memo, while his mother goes to work. As she leaves Memo, she kisses his forehead and says, ‘I can’t get my mind off you…’

Memo believes that his mother has left her mind behind, with him! He wonders, ‘How will she find her way back home?’ Memo feels he needs to return his mother’s mind to her and enlists the help of his friend, Spider, in this task. Just as Memo’s mother kissed him on the forehead, he kisses Spider and asks it to give his mother’s mind back to her. Spider builds a web all the way to the office of Memo’s mother. Does Spider succeed in kissing Memo’s mother and giving her back her mind?

Format: Paperback
Size: 270mm x 215mm
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