Magic Mantras

Magic Mantras : For young adults to achieve success in life Book

Magic Mantras : For young adults to achieve success in life

By Laxmi Dhaul

Category: Paper Missile Books, Self Help Books
ISBN: 978-93-83098-20-0
MRP: 195

You are young and feel ready to make your mark in the world. Everything you’ve ever wanted is very close—all you have to do is reach out and take it! But as you extend your hand, you realise it isn’t as easy as it seems—and what was once ‘oh so close’ suddenly seems far away. Then what do you do? Magic Mantras will help you discover the tremendous strength that is already inside you. This book is your own personal guide—simply talking straight to you, the way a friend would help you to enjoy the rollercoaster ride of life, especially when you are young! In the midst of this vast and often turbulent ocean of life, we all have to cope with our given environment, try to make our planet and our immediate surroundings a little better, and most importantly, strive for a little peace of mind! The only thing that you really possess in this life is your train of thoughts. Your thoughts will determine the quality of the life you choose! These magic mantras have been put together in this little book to show you that you are the master of your own life and destiny. Please choose the mantras you need for the particular stage of life you’re at, read the chapter, and see how the suggestions can benefit you!

Format: Flexiback
Size: 203 x 127mm
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