The Trees Told Me So

Trees told me soThe WEB

The Trees Told Me So :

By purva-grover

Category: Fiction, Olive Turtle
ISBN: 978-93-86906-20-5
MRP: 395

If trees could talk, they’d have so much to tell: The story of two broken hearts, that stolen first kiss, those last words of a mother to her son, endless cups of tea and never-ending chatter, of nostalgia, an act of brutality and a tale of passion. In this collection of short stories, The Trees Told Me So, Purva Grover draws a beautiful and poignant picture of love, life and loss, with an honest voice. And the common thread running through the stories is that nature (Read: A tree) stands witness like an old soul—full of wisdom and compassion. A silent observer, a keeper of secrets, yet the tree is always an integral part of the character’s very being

Format: Paperback
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