Arise Peace to Heal

Arise Peace to Heal Book

Arise Peace to Heal

By Trishan Kaur

Category: Paper Missile Books, Self Help Books, Spirituality Books
ISBN: 978-93-81523-01-8
MRP: 495

Violent Heroes are fighting, violence, violently, to end violence!! Escalation of violence has put life to hard times. People have sick bodies and restless minds. Along with the violence disease is on the rise. There seems no end to misery of disease in body and violence in life. The evil violence has knocked out peace with malice towards life that has to be understood by every mind. Peace remains obscured while violence rides people’s minds, disdaining peace from the conscious and people’s minds – – – When you are healthy and fine, Peace resonates in mind. When mind is hit by violence, Disease has it’s time. Arise and rise peace— For a healthy body and mind Heal the humanity— Upholding, values of peace high. Peace, a component of life, is vitally important for orderly functioning of body systems, maintaining inside harmony of the body, which is essential to manage health at all levels. Peace is not only essential of life but also force of integration to maintain individual and social harmony that maintains balance of order in environment and in individual life. A supreme positive force, peace is subtle energy, which balances all negative energies of nature, strengthening stability and equilibrium of life and creation on earth. How wonderful can be peace! Writes Jazara, a ‘day of peace’ is like a ‘day of life’. Let’s celebrate peace! A day, of ‘celebration of peace’!

Format: Flexiback
Size: 200 x 150mm
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