Rajasthan on a Platter

Rajasthan on a Platter : Healthy. Tasty. Easy Book

Rajasthan on a Platter : Healthy. Tasty. Easy

By Suman Bhatnagar, Pushpa Gupta

Category: Cookery Books
ISBN: 978-93-85285-11-0
MRP: 650

Rajasthan on a Platter: Healthy ° Tasty ° Easy offers a wide, select and unique variety of traditional and tasty but simple homemade recipes. It transfers homegrown knowledge to the young generation and caters to multicultural readership. Each recipe has been combined with supplementary food items to present the concept of a tasty, wholesome and nutritious meal. They focus on a fast-changing society where ‘snacking’ is replacing full sit-down meals and ‘finger food’ and ‘quick bites’ fulfill the purpose of a light dinner. The dishes add plenty of nutritive value to the diet and cater to the eating habits and fast lifestyle of the multi-tasking generation. The select recipes are grouped in five categories—cereals, pulses, vegetables, non-vegetarian dishes and special dishes for festivals. Each recipe follows a standard format of preparation time, cooking time, ingredients, nutritional value and its variations, with information on the recommended nutritional allowances for different body types, lifestyles, age groups and genders. Nutritive values of the recipes based on research and reference have been minutely calculated.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 216 x 178mm
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