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After twenty years in exile David Richelieu returns to his homeland where an execution warrant awaits him for unspecified crimes. At the border, the AI cameras identify him as Cyomared, the ex-Prime Minister of that once democratic nation, and he is arrested at the border by the young assistant to the Minister of Culture. Cyomared ends up in prison. Cyomared’s interrogator, the Minister, has just one question, “Why did you return knowing you will die?” before carrying out the execution. Cyomared’s answer, that he returned for the woman he still loves and wishes to meet for one last time doesn’t convince the Minister. He suspects that Cyomared has been helping the Others to overthrow the despotic government in the general Elections that are just a few days away.

Desperate to stay alive to see his beloved country free once more, Cyomared tells the Minister he has some crucial information on the President which will assure him a pardon and save his life. The Minister refuses to hear him out.

Marge, Cyomared’s partner and companion while he was in exile comes to Cyomared’s city ostensibly as a tourist, and meets him in the presence of the woman he truly loves. While she is heartbroken, she accepts it as inevitable and is glad that she was able to help Cyomared achieve his objective.

How the Others manage to break the surveillance and control of the oligarchs and restore their people’s freedom, liberty and dignity, and how personal ambition, internecine rivalry and betrayal lead to the downfall of the men in power, is revealed in a racy, gripping tale of intrigue, dreams, hopes and commitment to a greater cause.

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