So Said the Wise

So Said the Wise Book

So Said the Wise

By Ashok Dilwali

Category: Spirituality Books
ISBN: 978-81-933935-2-9
MRP: 495

So Said the Wise is a collection of inspirational thoughts from some of India’s greatest minds, combined with stunning photographs. The visionaries included come from many different walks of life, and, by virtue of their scholarship and erudition, have left indelible impressions on our country and indeed on the world. Ashok Dilwali, a professional photographer with four decades of experience, provides visuals that offer a striking complement to these timeless words of wisdom. He has travelled to many places in the Himalayas, and as a result has captured thousands of images of nature in its pristine glory.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 216 x 178mm
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