Mussoorie’s Mythistory

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Mussoorie’s Mythistory :

‘Mythistory’ emerges when a real event becomes enveloped in mystery, revealing a surreal tale that is not quite fact and not quite fiction. Out of the eclectic mix of Mussoorie’s society have emerged coruscating tales, each a concoction of truth and imagination. When unexplainable events took place and no one had any credible explanation for them, it was mythistory that filled the gap. These stories have been distilled through the minds of a multitude of people, who have all added their own ‘spice’ to these tales. With each retelling, the mythistory of Mussoorie has grown, resulting in the strange pearls found in Mussoorie’s Mythistory.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 216 mm X 140 mm
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