Peter Pan

Kids and Cubs Book

Peter Pan

By Sir James Barrie

MRP: 295

Peter Pan is a delightful children’s adventure and fantasy that takes readers to the island of Neverland, with a mischievous boy who can fly. There they meet unforgettable characters such as the notorious Captain Hook, the fairy Tinker Bell and a crocodile that has swallowed an alarm clock, along with pirates, Native Americans, fairies and mermaids.

The characters of Wendy and her brothers who accompany Peter Pan on his magical journey to Neverland, where they display friendship and courage, and then return to the real world are relatable and inspirational for young and old alike. This edition includes timelines of the author’s life and original year of publication, which provide the literary, historical and cultural context of the book.

Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Size: 178mm x 120mm
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