India Now and in Transition

India Now and in Transition Book

India Now and in Transition

By Atul Kumar Thakur

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ISBN: 978-93-85285-63-9
MRP: 595
Edited by: Atul K Thakur

India is the world’s largest democracy with nearly 70 years of independent existence. Its unique and ever-changing nature has sparked a great degree of academic debate, both before and since Independence. The beauty of India is that there are many kinds of Indias. Understanding the fundamentals that have given birth to such multiplicity across various segments is especially imperative in the present day, when the ‘Idea of India’ is keenly contested. Our nation has the world’s largest youth population and is undergoing tectonic social and political changes at present; therefore, understanding what directions India may take in the future is essential for every thinking individual. India Now and in Transition is an enquiry into possible futures, based on current happenings. Featuring contributions from leading thinkers and scholars in diverse fields, each essay in this volume critically analyses a major theme of India’s present, to propose the likely way ahead for our emergent nation. Covering the fields of politics and governance, economics and development, security and foreign policy, society and culture, and language and literature, the book shows that—while beset with both internal and external challenges on many fronts—India isn’t waiting for its moment, it’s making its moment happen.


Praises for India Now and in Transition

“The book is a languid, stimulating read. A definite pick-up for those interested in politics and culture. Or even if you simply enjoy sifting through opinion pieces in newspapers!” – The Indian Express

“In all, it is a valuable compendium of well-reasoned, persuasive (but never dogmatic) and jargon-free views on a host of major issues — and this is important. For these are not just the province of the government to be confronted but also need discussion at the citizens’ level. This is our responsibility and books like these set the ball rolling” – The Statesman 

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 236 x 156 mm
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