Living Hinduism

Living Hinduism : Scriptures Philosophy Practices Book

Living Hinduism : Scriptures Philosophy Practices

By samarpan

Category: Culture Books, Paper Missile Books, Religion Books
ISBN: 978-93-85285-80-6
MRP: 395

Hinduism is neither an organised religion nor a proselytising one. It is often described as a way of life, which gently nudges its followers—through its scriptures, mythologies, rituals, and practices—to question deeply, live fully, and grow wholesomely in compassion and universal acceptance. Hinduism believes whatever inspires one to stay truly unselfish, be it a vocation, an ideology, or a faith, can lead one towards greater self-realisation and ultimate freedom. Living Hinduism by Samarpan encapsulates this essence of Hinduism in a language that can be understood and appreciated by all, especially the younger generation, who need to know and understand what it means to be a Hindu, in an age of strident opinions and changing values.

Format: Paper Back
Size: 216 x 140 mm
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