Premchand ‘A Dog’s Tale’ and ‘Jungle Stories’

Premchand ‘A Dog’s Tale’ and ‘Jungle Stories’ Books

Premchand ‘A Dog’s Tale’ and ‘Jungle Stories’

By Premchand .

Category: Perky Parrot Books
ISBN: 978-81-964053-2-8
MRP: 295
Translated by: Pranav Kumar Singh
Illustrated by: Vandana Singh

Premchand (left) is an illustrious writer from 20th century India
with groundbreaking contributions to Hindi and Urdu literature.
Pranav Kumar Singh is an editor, translator, publisher, creator of
mind games and curator of lost literary classics. Vandana Singh
is a very determined dreamer, lover of all things ridiculous and
bizarre and a die-hard believer in magic and monsters.

Size: 178mm x 127mm
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